Expert Independent Analysis of the Cryptocurrency Mining Industry

What We Do

Cryptocurrency Mining Infrastructure

Blockchain Infrastructure Research is an independent research company specializing in cryptocurrency mining infrastructure. BIR provides clear, up-to-date information for major institutional investors, developers, and government organizations in support of: facilities location and design, energy management, hardware selection, supply and value chain management, regulation compliance, operations security, and understanding market and price trends.

  • Facilities Location and Design

  • Energy Management

  • Hardware Selection

  • Supply + Value Chain Management

  • Regulation Compliance

  • Operations Security

  • Understanding Trends

With its team of clean energy engineers, the firm has significant expertise in identifying power solutions for medium and large scale mining operations.

BIR’s research method is investigative and comprehensive. The firm’s proprietary models, data sources, and extensive network allows its team of analysts to distill practical knowledge in a dynamic industry.

BIR is headquartered on the Sunshine Coast in Western Canada, serving clients around the globe. The firm has significant experience in the North American market.

Information provided by BIR or provided in a link on the website is to be used for information and educational purposes only. It is not intended to provide investment or other professional advice and should not be relied upon or regarded as a substitute for such advice. BIR recommends that you seek advice from a qualified professional advisor before acting on any information or content appearing in BIR materials, or linked to within BIR materials.

MPWR – Crypto Mining Summit


Knowledge Is Power

BIR’s products and services consist of a regular series of reports, published via email, that cover the following:

  • Industry News
  • Technology and Product Reviews
  • Facilities
  • Energy Prices and Management
  • Regulatory Developments
  • Economics of Mining
  • Company Analyses

Additionally, each client receives access to the BIR analysts and management via meetings and calls to:

  • Answer questions related to a client’s business interests;
  • Discuss BIR’s reports, industry news, market trends, products, and mine development and operations;
  • Tailor ideas that fit specific criteria or constraints;
  • Discuss special requests for information; and,
  • Explore any other related client information needs.

Custom Research

Better Knowledge Is More Power

BIR provides custom research and analysis catered to client needs.

With an initial consultation, the BIR team will work to understand your needs. This involves reviewing any criteria, constraints, objectives, and timeframes associated with your information request. Appropriate data sources, information formats, and site/company visitations will be discussed. Based on this consultation, BIR will curate a custom team of world-class researchers and analysts to carry out your project.

Who We Are

Collective Intelligence + Integrity

Company Values

  • Transparency
  • Collective intelligence
  • Independent research
  • Integrity
  • Responsibility

Company Vision

To be the most trusted source of information on blockchain infrastructure in the world by providing quality, independent knowledge.

Company Mission

To enhance blockchain and cryptocurrency development in a cost-effective and responsible manner by providing quality information.

Our Executive Team

Tanya Smith, CEO
Tanya Smith, M.Sc.
Chief Executive Officer

Tanya is a professional applied economist, trained at the London School of Economics. She formerly worked for the United Nations Development Programme and the World Bank, conducting risk analyses and international emerging market research. Tanya has particular expertise in supply and value chain assessment, policy and regulatory landscape evaluations, and price and trend analysis. Tanya is a strong business leader and avid blockchain enthusiast.

Micah Smith, COO
Micah Smith, P.Eng.
Chief Operating Officer

Micah is a professional engineer with over 10 years of experience in the hydropower industry and 5 years experience in blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Micah has extensive experience with cryptocurrency mining, supporting the development and operation of multiple large mining facilities to date. He provides technical services to prospective miners, and consulting services for investors, power companies and other blockchain enthusiasts. Known for his world-class expertise in clean energy and cryptomining infrastructure, Micah now comes to BIR as its Chief Operating Officer.

Adam D'Arcy, B.A. Hons
Chief Marketing Officer

Adam is an established producer, entrepreneur and blockchain enthusiast. With a degree in international relations and political science, he has founded and developed businesses and nonprofits in London, Dubai and Los Angeles in a variety of industries. Adam’s experience as a producer has led him to create and develop BIR’s annual conference MPWR: Crypto Mining Summit, while his understanding of key marketing and public relations strategies is applied as BIR’s Chief Marketing Officer

Colin Nebocat, B.Com
Chief Technology Officer

With experience in full stack development and online marketing for technology companies, Colin helps Blockchain Infrastructure Research achieve its research and operational goals through technology-based solutions. Currently, he is looking into how GPU compute power can be applied to industries other than crypto mining in order to help mining companies leverage valuable assets they wish to utilize. Along with technical skills, Colin has a strong business sense, and is keen on applying his knowledge to develop more energy-efficient data centres to power the future of innovation in Canada.

Ron Hankewich, P. Eng. MBA CFA
Chief Research Officer

Ron Hankewich P. Eng. MBA CFA is a senior executive with Blockchain Infrastructure Research. He has numerous years of investment experience on both-side and sell-side with privately held investment funds as well as publicly traded corporations. His focus with BI Research is on corporate valuation of mining entities as well as the creation of business combinations that provide value for shareholders.

Amer Abu-Khajil, MBA
Director of Community Engagement

Amer is a project manager with over five years of experience consulting on a range of engineering, investment, and research projects. With an MBA focused on Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Amer is passionate about helping businesses research and understand the significance of emerging technologies on their operations. As Director of Community Engagement, Amer is eager to connect the crypto community with many of BIR’s projects including our annual conference MPWR: Crypto Mining Summit

Cam Taylor

An early investor in fintech and distributed ledger technology, Cam focuses on bringing together the brightest talents around the development of the infrastructure ecosystem for crypto adoption. Current ventures include investments in special purpose high-performance computers (GPU mining) and fiat to crypto ATM networks. Cam long-term goals are centered towards community building using tools to enhance society, with immutable strategy’s to stress the Geo Civic responsibilities of companies and capital.

BIR is supported by an Advisory Board made up of a number of industry professionals including engineers, analysts, economists, and blockchain-intellects.