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The best solutions start with high quality applied research. BIR makes independent research a top priority to ensure results remain relevant.

BIR is Blockchain Infrastructure Research

BIR is an independent research company specializing in blockchain infrastructure. We provide clear, up-to-date information on the ever changing blockchain landscape. At its genesis, BIR consulted for prospective miners through the whole process from concept to solving blocks.

Today we provide our services to institutional investors, developers, and government organizations in whole range of blockchain related research and solutions including: custom blockchain solutions, mining facilities location and design, energy management, hardware selection, supply and value chain management, regulation compliance, operations security, and trend analysis.

What is Blockchain Technology?

Blockchain technology, also known as distributed ledger technology, is a new data storage method that is able to record and share data between people in a decentralized, immutable and trust-less system. These core features and benefits of blockchains are derived from their following properties:

Decentralized and Distributed

Blockchains are a kind of databases. But unlike regular centralized databases, the data on a blockchain is public and anybody can append it providing they have the right credentials. A consensus mechanism is used to ensure each copy of the database is the same. And cryptography is used to ensure that data points cannot be altered without a corresponding key. A blockchain essentially turns database security upside down. A centralized database is at risk because all the data could be compromised by one hack or one bad actor. On the blockchain each data point is independently secured.

Immutable and Permanent

All the data on the blockchain is immutable, permanent and unchangeable. As an example, in Bitcoin, the network is appended every ten minutes. Every ten minutes a block of data is added to the chain of existing blocks. Each block contains state changes for each account which transacted during the 10 minute block. An account’s balance is simply a sum of all the state changes listed on the blockchain. An entity is only given the ability to add the block (make an amendment to the chain) once it has sufficiently satisfied the requirements as specified by the particular blockchain protocol. Blockchains are distributed across many nodes, each agreeing to the current state and each ensuring that the data is immutable and only appended to.

Trust-less and Tamper-proof

Cryptography ensures blockchains can be trust-less and tamper-proof. To use the Bitcoin network as an example again, it uses a Proof-of-Work algorithm (PoW). A PoW network is secured by a kind of competitive number crunching. This competition is called blockchain mining. Miners use computers, generally purpose built, and data from the existing blockchain to “solve a block”. Once a miner solves a block, they broadcast the solution to the network. Each node on the network validates the block and adds it if it matches it’s record of the blockchain. This validation process works because in order to add a fraudulent block to the blockchain, a malicious party would need to take control of more than half of the hashing power on the network for them to agree that the fraudulent block is valid. For a global blockchain like Bitcoin, this is virtually impossible!

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