Blockchain Technology and Development Consulting Service

Blockchain Infrastructure Research is a leading blockchain research and development firm in Canada. Our blockchain technology consulting service is the core of our business. We are no strangers to the international world of blockchain and hope to lead you in your innovative blockchain business applications.

How We Can Help

  • Custom Blockchain Research
  • Industry News Analysis
  • Hardware and Software Evaluations
  • DApp Development and Design
  • Web App Development and Design

With an initial consultation, our team will work to understand your needs. This involves reviewing any criteria, constraints, objectives, and timeframes associated with your information request. Appropriate data sources, information formats, and site/company visitations will be discussed. Based on this consultation, we will curate a custom on-staff team of researchers and analysts to carry out your project.

What is Blockchain Consulting?

Blockchain technology consulting is a new service category catered to businesses of all sizes who are interested in blockchain or distributed ledger technology. Like other consulting services, blockchain consulting firms provide their clients with up-to-date and specialized blockchain knowledge, so clients can focus on their core lines of business. Local or international, blockchain consulting services enable clients to better research, strategize, design, develop and incorporate blockchain solutions into their businesses. Blockchain consulting in Canada is a fast growing vertical as Canadian companies adopt blockchain throughout many critical industries.

Blockchain Implementation

If you’re considering a blockchain for your business and operations, here is an overview of how we can help you evaluate, build, and manage a bespoke blockchain solution.

  1. Initial consultation. A brief telephone call or in-person meeting will allow us to introduce ourselves and learn about what your business is trying to achieve.
  2. Project scoping. Your project manager will create a project brief based on your criteria and set out project scope with our technical development lead.
  3. Quote delivery. We will send you an initial project solution including timelines and estimated costs.
  4. Development phases. Upon approval, we start the project and work with you in phases to achieve project goals.
  5. Iteration. Iteration is paramount for successful solutions. We iterate through project code and deliverables to implement your system as required.
  6. Final sign-off. Through test-driven development, we will build and test your production-ready solution and have you give a final sign-off.
  7. Deployment and launch. After sign-off we are ready to deploy and launch your new blockchain solution.
  8. Training and support. Once launched, we will provide you with technical training of the new system and offer world-class support when you require.

Benefits of Blockchain in Business

There are numerous advantages to using blockchain in business. Since blockchains act as a decentralized, immutable database or ledger of transactions, businesses can streamline their activities in which a third-party may be required to verify, audit or control events of a business transaction.

An escrow contract service is a simple example of how a blockchain can reduce the costs, paperwork and complexity of such a transaction. Specifically, blockchains can replace a typical escrow service by removing the third-party middleman required to handle funds during a purchase between a seller and buyer who do not trust one another to fulfill their contractual duties.

Furthermore, blockchains improve security of data spread across their networks. Data on a blockchain is immutable which means it cannot be tampered with. This differs from a traditional centralized system where its administrators have final control of any data within the system. This is a critical advantage of blockchain because no one can potentially change or delete data if it were in their favour to do so.

Finally, the speed of data flow and its efficiency is increased thanks to the active verification and sharing of data throughout the network. This can ensure that data is always in the right place at the right time, which can reduce discrepancies in business operations. Data and accounts can be reconciled quickly on the network from anywhere with an internet connection.

Why choose BIR?

Choosing the right blockchain consulting company can be hard, especially if you’re not familiar with the space or blockchain in general. Here are some of the key features and benefits of our international blockchain consulting service:

Smart Features
  • Experienced professionals
  • Personalized service
  • World-class support
  • Competitive pricing
Key Benefits
  • Custom blockchain solutions
  • Insider connections
  • Best-in-house design and development

Let’s do this Together

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